Corps of Signals 100th Anniversary
1911 - 2011

Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Reflections and Recollections of 14th Reunion

Corps of Signals 14th Reunion and Centenary Celebrations
1 STC Jabalpur 13th to 15th Feb 2011

Corps of Signals Reunions at 1 STC are always very special events, but the one marking the 100th anniversary, without question, is a landmark event. This was my first and the most fabulous Reunion. What grand turnout of Signal Veterans. Congratulations to all who made it happen.

It's been 15 years since I retired in 1996. Over quarter century of association with the Corps of Signals. But, in fact, you need to add the training years of your cadetship to that quarter century. So, if you are like me, sometimes it seems like just yesterday that we were in IMA, fell into ranks at the last drawn-out sound of the bugle, marched or cycled to class, cheered for our Battalions, dyked-out and paraded in view of the Barracks and passed out of the famous Chetwode Hall. This little fact demonstrates one truth: change is constant. Over the past half century, Military has changed in many aspects, but it remains the same in spirit and purpose and that is what counts the most. We continue to maintain traditions and focus on fundamentals even in our twilight years.

What a record we have achieved since those dramatic cadet days. One simply needs to traverse the memory lane to recollect the accomplishments of members of our course. This 14th Reunion truly did say it all. So many had risen in the Military Career to Generals and thereafter have excelled in Civil life as well- as CEOs, VPs, Managers, Consultants and so forth. The Organisers and Committee of 14th Reunion have kindled the spirit of Brotherhood amongst all Signallers.

But let us not spend our entire time just looking back. Reunion is also a time to reconnect with today's Corps. This means learning about where the Corps is today and where it is heading. We are especially proud of new levels of excellence and milestones the Corps has achieved. The mandate and responsibilities has significantly changed. In the digital environment, fielding combat communications for the future battle space is truly a challenge for the Information Warriors. This as we see is met by constant upgradation in training, innovation and inspiring leadership.

Change therefore is a constant. But some things do not change and will not change: the Corps Spirit "Teevra Chaukas", the guiding strength of its traditions, its devotion to honour and service, its focus on producing educated and honourable leaders, and its focus on producing "Citizen Signallers" of the highest calibre.
Three cheers to the Corps of Signals.

Lt Col James Kanagaraj (Retd)
32 Tech Nov 1971 (Parallel with 48 Regular)

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