Corps of Signals 100th Anniversary
1911 - 2011

Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Friday, 11 March 2011

Hundred Glorious Years of Information Warriors

AK Anthony Raksha Mantri
I am really pleased to learn that the Corps of Signals is celebrating its 100th anniversary. On this momentous occasion, I extend my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all the officers and men of the Corps.
The Corps has assimilated fast-paced changes in Communication and Information Technology in providing able and efficient support to the Army and our Armed Forces. In the recent past, the Corps of Signals has embraced a large number of technology intensive communication projects. These projects will provide fresh impetus to the march of our Armed Forces in becoming a Network- Centric Force and also revitalise our indigenous telecommunication industry. Their invaluable contribution in extending aid to civilian authorities during times of natural calamities has also been widely appreciated.
I have no doubt that the Corps will continue to harness latest technology to provide the cutting edge communication in further strengthening the defence preparedness of our Nation.
I wish the Corps of Signals continued success in its future endeavours.
On this historic occasion of the iOOth Anniversary of the Corps of Signals I extend my warm greetings and best wishes to all personnel of the Corps of Signals.
The past decades have witnessed the Corps providing efficient and reliable communications to the Indian Army. With the ongoing revolution in Information and Communication Technology, the Corps of Signals has the onerous responsibility ci steering large communicatJon projects that will immensely aid in the Defence Forces becoming a networked force. Concurrently, its efforts in developing communication Infrastructure in under developed regions of our country is indeed pralee worthy.
Backed by rich traditions, diligent and innovative personnel and the camaraderie prevalent in their ranks, I am confident that the Corps will execute all assigned tasks with ease.
I wish the Corps of Signals continued success and glory in the years ahead.
AK Anthony
Defence Minister

General VK Singh
Chief of Army Staff
The 100th Anniversary is a historic occasion for all ranks of the Corps of Signals, past and present Throughout their glorious history, the personnel of the Corps have always been known for their dedication, ingenuity, regimentation, ethos, indomitable will and determination to succeed against all odds. The Corps has always been at the forefront in providing infallible communication support to the Indian Army be It war, disaster relief, Counter insurgency or in peace time commitments, The Corps has, with a vision, imbibed and assimilated rapid changes in technologies to further the objectives of the Indian Army. The Corps has also played a pivotal role in creation of networks to promote fri-service synergy. It is today a key enabler in the Indian Army’s transformation towards a Net Centric Force.
It is my firm conviction that all personnel of the Corps will continue to strive to excel in every field in the best traditions and ethos of our glorious Army in times to come and do themselves and the Army proud.
On this historic occasion, I extend my best wishes to all ranks, Civilian Staff, Veterans and families and wish the Corps of Signals every success in all their endeavours.
Jai Hind.
VK Singh

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