Corps of Signals 100th Anniversary
1911 - 2011

Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011

Adventure, Air Show, Martial Arts Demo and Dare Devils

Corps of Signals 14th Reunion and Centenary Celebrations
1 STC Jabalpur 14 Feb 2011

Adventure, Air Show, Martial Art Demo and Dare Devils
As part of the 14th Reunion of the Corps of Signals cum Celebrations of Signals Centenary - Glorious 100 Years - This ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES SHOW was organised at COBRA GROUND, JABALPUR on the 14TH Feb 2011. The show included "The Closing of the 6000 Kms Motor Cycle Epedition" successfully completed by our officers, JCOs and Jawans, Aviation and Sky Diving, Martial Arts Demo and The Famous Dare Devil Display by the Corps Despatch Riders on their wonder machines.
It was a breath taking experience most of the times, as you can witness for yourself in these two parts of my video.
Please come and Join me for the Show
Thanks for watching my humble attempt in making this video.
These videos and all the other videos on the subject up loaded for the
benefit of my friends who could not be there at Jabalpur.
Brig Narinder Dhand

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