Corps of Signals 100th Anniversary
1911 - 2011

Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Memorial Service- 15 Feb 2011

Corps of Signals Fourteenth Reunion and Centenary Celebrations, 1 STC Jabalpur 15th Feb 2011 at War Memorial
Memorial Service

War Memorial
The memory of our comardes-at-Arms, who sacrified their lives in service of the Nation, was honoured by inauguration of the War Memorial on 13 Feb 1961. The Memorial befittingly adjoins the Gowrishankar Parade Ground of 1 MTR. It here that the Recruits swear their loyalty to the Corps and the Country, on their transformation from Recruits to Soldiers.
Roll of Honour
The Roll of Honour is a sacred book maintained by all Arms and services of the Indian Army. Inscribed therein in Golden Letters, are the names of all soldiers who have laid down their in war and operations. The book at 1 STC coimprises of three volumes: 1911- 1947, 1948- 2000 and 2001 till date. A total of 1150 names have been recorded.
The roll of Honour is brought in with due ceremony and respect and is palced at the base of the War Memorial during the Wreath Laying Ceremony.

Photographs: Courtesy 1 STC

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