Corps of Signals 100th Anniversary
1911 - 2011

Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Silent Drill, Corps Film and Band Concert- 14 Feb 2011

Corps of Signals Fourteenth Reunion and Centenary Celebrations, 1 STC Jabalpur 14th Feb 2011
Silent Drill, Corps Film and Band Concert

A Military Band is set of combination of wood, wind, brass and percussion instruments. The band for this concert comprises of 115 musicians playing 25 different instruments. Conductors are Sub PK Gurung, Sub Mohd Yaseen, Sub Subhash Singh and Nb Sub Basant Ram.
The programme opens with a rare display of synchronisation and coordination without any word of Command by trhe Silent Drill Team of Corps of Signals.
This will be followed by screening of a movie depicting 100 glorious years of the Corps of Signals.
The Band participants
  • Corps of signals Bands
  • Rajput Regimental Centre Band
  • Musicians from AEC Trg College and Centre
  • Lt Col PK Balaram Pillai
  • Capt Niharika Chaudhary
    Music, tunes and waltz
  • Mangal Gaan
  • Donau Wallen
  • Raag Bhupali
  • Mac and Mac
  • Amazing Grace
  • Rashmi
  • Brindavani Saarang
  • Kadam Kadam Badhayeja
  • Sobre Las Olas

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    Photographs: Courtesy 1 STC
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