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Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Visit to 2 STC

Chairman Mick Teague Secretary Tony Hull as reported in The WIRE

Whilst on holiday in Goa, India, we were travelling back from a visit to a waterfall, when we passed a military establishment and I saw young recruits with a “Jimmy” on their singlets. I made the taxi driver stop so that I could take a photograph of a young recruit.

He stood so proudly to attention for me. He belonged apparently to 3 Trg Regt, Indian Signals, near the city of Margao.
After 2 weeks in South Goa, we moved up to the capital, Panjim. On our journey we passed another building displaying “Jimmies”. I found out that this was 2 Sig Trg Regt, and decided to pay them a visit.
We were taken into a secretary’s office, and explained the reason for our visit. When the Adjt heard that I was an ex-boy, he called us in immediately.
We were given tea and had a long chat with him. He explained that they have a “Raising Day” on 15 February every year and every unit celebrates this. He said the CO would like to meet us and we were taken upstairs, where we were greeted, very cordially, by Brig K A Cariappa and treated with the utmost courtesy.
The first thing that the Brig said to me was that he would like to confiscate my straw hat, which has the Corps colours and the RSA badge. He went on to explain that they have 4,562 recruits in trg. The recruits used to be taken in at sixteen and a half, but the age has been raised to seventeen and a half, due to an international ruling.
The Army is very important in India because of all their borders and they often have to deal with areas of unrest. The Army has over a million soldiers.

Brig Cariappa presents Indian Signals Corps tie to Tony Hull

Brig Cariappa very kindly presented me with their Corps tie and also a copy of The Signalman, their magazine which is equivalent to The Wire.
Extracted from The WIRE of Royal Signals

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