Corps of Signals 100th Anniversary
1911 - 2011

Photographs and Report on 14th Reunion at Jablapur: 13- 15 Feb 2011

Friday, 3 June 2011

1 STC Jabalpur home to Boys Company and Scouts

Brig Narinder Dhand, on March 20, 2011 said ...
After the War, there were only two Centres left in the country one in Jabalpur and the second in Bangalore. On partition, the assets of the Centre at Bangalore were transferred to Pakistan. Colonel R J Moberly OBE commanded the centre at the time of partition. A function was held in Jabalpur to bid farewell to those comrades who had opted to go to Pakistan. Major P N Luthra, the senior most Indian Officer who commanded the Military Training Regiment at the time, presented a scroll to the Pakistan Signals Corps officers at a farewell parade. On 1 December 1947, Col Moberly returned to UK and Colonel Apar Singh MBE had the honour of taking over as the first Indian Commandant of the Training Centre. The centre is considered, traditionally, the home of all Signals personnel. At the time of partition, the Centre consisted of a Headquarters, a Military Training Regiment, two Technical Training Regiments, a Boys Regiment, a Depot Company and the Signals Records.

Lord Baden Powell's Army tenure in Jabalpur
Scouting began in 1907 when Robert Baden-Powell, Lieutenant General in the British Army, held the first Scouting encampment at Brownsea Island in England. As a military officer, Baden-Powell was stationed in British India and Africa in the 1880s and 1890s. Since his youth, he had been fond of woodcraft and military scouting, and—as part of their training—showed his men how to survive in the wilderness. He noticed that it helped the soldiers to develop independence rather than just blindly follow officers' orders.
Army Life: In 1876 at the age of nineteen, Lt Gen Baden Powell graduated and joined Army. He got second rank in cavalry and forth rank in infantry among 1700 candidates. Immediately after his training, he was sent with 13th Husars Regiment as sub‐lieutenant to Lucknow.
On 6 February 1921 in Jabalpur procession, B.P. as the Chief Scout addressed to the Scouts that he had love for Jabalpur as this was his first posting as Lieutenant. Baden Powell was promoted in the army as Captain at the tender age of 26 because of his rare qualities and leadership skills. He was equally adored and liked by his seniors as well as juniors. In the army, he developed interest in horse polo, pig sticking and soothing.
In 1880 Baden Powell was moved to Kandhar (Afganistan) with 13 Army Husars as the General of the regiment. 1882 he was appointed as Musketry Inspector and travelled 900 KMs from Northern India to Mathura with the Regiment.
In 1884 he published a book – ‘Reconnaissance and Scouting’ which became popular among British’s school boys. In 1887 Baden Powell was sent to Zulu province, South Africa for peace establishment of the disturbed area. He showed great courage, bravery and leadership during the operation.


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  2. I joined boys regiment in the year 1958. There I learned high deciplne and good education At that time Major Chalk was our Commender.I learned lot of things and set right my life in good citizens of India. Later I had been sent to 2 TTR and passed in OWL. I do not know whether the boys Regiment is continue or not. Now I am 75 years old, still I am recollecting those days, and now living Happily. I salute the Boys Regiment.Ramakrishna SripathyRamakrishna Ex-Boy